Tuesday, May 18, 2010

about a girl

who graced a time
I had the luck to be in
grew more beautiful each day
made my breath catch
every time I looked
who glowed from her marrow,
visible, clear and simple
in all our colliding confusing worlds,
needed no explanation beyond childlike wonder
made my eyes tear up
my heart lift inexplicably
sneak glances at the door
guess when our time was up

about a girl
who could not last forever
would barely last a moment
with no defense to poison
who I wanted to save
from the world
from herself

about a girl
descended from her chariot
shy and warm
just to see how sorrow lived,
opened her heart
gave her soul to all who asked,
never knew it was the most precious gift
of all

about a girl so priceless,
she sold for a mere pittance.
chained by the world,
so we could look every day,
feel glad she existed.

about a girl called hope
who wore sorrow like a good luck charm
died a little each day
for somebody else
anybody else
but herself

about a girl,
a prelude to something unimaginably vast,
who lived meanings
asked happiness
of a world that knew only fear
gave her sorrow instead
called it an honest mistake

about a girl so young
smiled without knowing
what havoc it caused,
so old,
forgave without question
the sins burned on her body
made oxygen and a garden
inside her prison cell
and I can no longer tell
which way is paradise

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