Saturday, June 26, 2010


there are moving lanterns in the darkness, suspended and floating around, not swung by wind, just shifting in time and space, like moving perspectives. they share a connection, they share the same light at a respectful distance from each other. their glow blazes and dims as I turn around them,

they are here for their own purpose, they barely light my path. they are here to keep secrets alive for the time of each darkness before dawn. they lend strength and invisibility to the darkness around, but their beauty is their right of passage. they are all silent and deceptively lifeless. some are long, some wide and patterned, some faint inside intricate glass bulbs, some flickering without enough energy.

I can easily imagine an age when they were grown with oil and wicks and fire, with shades to contain their agitated reactions to every stray wind. they had no wires, their patterns could be arranged easily, so there was no need to design them, if you didnt like them here, just move them there. they went where the darkness was not enough to see.

now, they are electric, but their form remains, with an added stillness, illusory in the way it denies the constant movement underfoot to newer worlds. days are passing inevitably with flickers inherent in nature, stray winds, tides, shape-shifting trees, and animals always on the run. and I want to move around these lights to change them, to change myself, to blend with the darkness, to dance the dance of momentary immortality, anything, to avoid being hypnotized by their stillness, light must always move



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