Thursday, July 01, 2010

excuses, excuses

so tell me how far you'll walk, if you understand, it isn't you thats gonna save the world, its that long forgotten dream of yours, that came alive when you were asleep and said so plainly, this is what you were born for, this is who you must always try to be.

do you buy into the illusion of control, so ludicrous in a world of infinite possiblities. did you know, life goes on just fine when you're not around, the world will spin just the same, and the whole dire inferno they made to keep you waiting forever, was a damned lie, a lie of the damned, with streaming cloth lights for fire and an operatic tenor singing in a vise.

can you accept, believe, theres more than one truth. that they all don't really care, if you live or die, that they sold you a beautiful heaven, then hid the good parts and called it hell, hell sells, they made the sale for money, and they want you to sell. too. because they can only make one truth if they share, and they are afraid you may make many more truths if you don't become. them.

can you believe, we were all born you. that somewhere out there in the world is a black hole that cannot be seen, it shows a beautiful mirage, and sucks souls clean. they call it "normal". can you believe it survives with a zombie deal, one soul succumbs, and it brings the next, with promises and dreams. can you believe balance is everything, or must you run away, rush inside, be the next to scream.

will you ever admit you know, that dreams only die when you allow someone to kill them for you. do you know, that you too, are someone who has killed a dream, sometimes we are all a rotten people. will you forgive yourself, and whoever killed with you, accept humanity is no perfect race, but filled with great souls, all the same. do you believe all forgiveness begins with you.

will you escape, will you make it. will you keep your legs moving on and on, if you found out, its not really the journey, or the destination, or anything at all that matters, other than the buzz in your feet. will you feel complete. will you hold on to your heaven until they tire and leave. or will you stop, build a cloth fire, and sell, to the next soul in line, without a clue. what means freedom to you?


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