Thursday, July 15, 2010

fake and real

illusions only work in specific control sets where the atmosphere is exactly so saturated, there are x people around, only these angles have light, there are y walls around, there is only so much input allowed, the expected output is specifically defined. its a lot like an experiment, of which you already know the outcome you want, and you set the stage to produce exactly that outcome. so a failed experiment in essence.

an experiment, by definition, should be unbiased to have any chance of achieving a useful output, to be able to point out as impartial a direction as it can.

illusions stimulate the imagination and have powerful feel-good factors, but no defined progress. they are addictive crack for the emotional world but have no measurable role in the physical world.

illusions are of course necessary, the physical world is a primitive dull thing with no personality whatsoever. it is allowed to exist only because there is no known way of getting rid of it.

in places of defined recurring physical features and rarely changing circumstances, people take refuge in the illusive world to add an increasingly necessary meaning to minute differences in daily life. it grows worlds that do not exist simply by having everyone agree it exists. like the emperors new clothes. a city is an excellent example.

in places where nature reigns, of hardships just to survive, where the environment is extreme and untamed. with constant physical demands, no time for tv, internet, no knowledge of alternate realities, illusions die.

along with them dies slowly, the acceptance of change that cannot be seen or felt, but exists in larger scales. life becomes an immediate event, no question about existance or its reason. the size of todays world makes this view regressive. in short, it has many major features of our evolutionary past.

our purpose is to strike a balance between the two, the physical and the illusory.

both worlds have only one factor that changes - our physical world. often we do not choose it, it chooses us. sometimes we are ideal for one kind of world or the other, our internal balance harmonizing with what the environment offers, balancing out reality and illusion evenly. other times there is a large scale imbalance that makes for a world composed purely of illusion or reality.

both imbalances drown out our sixth sense and make us behave like animals. if you have a waterfall roaring behind your ears all the time, decision making becomes madly impulsive, random and largely momentary, with repetitive long term consequences. left to our instincts, we all tend to move around in circles.

I don't agree either with the theory that we should be a product of our environments or that we should try to make our environments a product of us. our objective, with the responsibility of sentience, is to establish a working, mutually beneficial relationship with our environments without losing the uniqueness or the value we both contain as complex seperate entities. this is easier in physical worlds because nature helps us learn.

but in increasingly man made, heavily illusory worlds, symbiosis is a constant decision to be made and unmade and learned from. We should simply change environment if we are unable to harmonize. I have never understood the point or value of living constantly afraid or unhappy.


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