Monday, July 19, 2010

riddle me this

care lives at the center of the puzzle, the maze that looks alike but is not. it builds fountains and views from gathered pocket change, it stays clean and calm and sure, it stays inside the center with a shell that cost a fortune. sleeps each night with a teddy bear and always has a hand to hold. the risk is lower, the gift all the time in the world. make of it what you will.

change lives at the edge, seedy and unsure and unrelenting, with cars peeling off paint, with fronts chipped and bleeding, but you can bet they run like any other wind, with an extra Heisenberg principle thrown in, the risk is higher, highway too close, the gift an alertness that cannot rush into closed eyes. make of it what you will.

if life were a fixed thimble of time, it will rationalize well, it will support regular swingset push and fall and push, but im not sure life bends unless we exert a terrific force cost half-a-thimble, well worth the price. take it from an addicted gambler, or take it from a builder, but take it before its time to go.


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