Sunday, August 29, 2010


a cloud of shade
on a bright blue sky
perches on a rim
of metal, stone and potion
salt time and ocean
dissolves in swirls
in years of waves
forge a hammer
fill a sword
if you must
or wait, watch
as long as your heart
ebbs and flows
it crumbles to the beat
of tapping fingers
now and again
changes, sparkles to the sun
little crystal gold that burns
twist and turns
shifts like sawdust rain
feels blades and tears
it tilts when you add your hand
glides on wings
slips on rain
falls on gravity
weakens without a marksman
in a dark green mist of pine
nearby, far below away
dissolves with a linger
leaves with no sound
pours around
little perfect unbroken shells
some creature died protecting
collects in the sand
creates small havens
of even edged grainflakes
to be seized by the sea
returned some other day
on a whim
its a downpour of music
silence before, after
stays forever

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