Monday, September 06, 2010

world building

it has to burn down
a trail long after forever
it has to change
your very breath, and then some
it has to sear your soul
even when your eyes close
it has to be strong
stronger than a constant fist
hammering it closed
spinning it confusion
throwing it distance
it has to be courage
that returns each time to rest
in exactly the same place
damn the world
it has to be happy
simple and light
or make tears from rain
it has to be compassion
reaching around mountains
running towards the sea
it has to cradle
twisted minds and broken hearts
sliding slowly backwards
into a growing void
it has to be everything
all in, cards open
even as the gallows close
no fear allowed
beyond this point
something, maybe, pieces
plans, deals, collateral
careers, covens, caveats
hobbies, hunts, holidays
thrills, shows, shivers
other worlds
will just not do

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