Friday, October 15, 2010

mores, mutes, life and times

still life, picture painting,
smooth photo finish,
when the world turns,
a season comes,
and all we have are wishes

sunk into the vast sky,
hopes will be
dispersed like pollen
gathered like birds,
they make new life, listen

after the trees are cut
the buildings built
the living room moves,
the people in it,
are lit by fires
we cannot see, the roots

too big, the world outside,
watching the sun arc
trying to hide,
until the day,
is just right,
and the dusk, too dark

still and silent
inexplicable, says to me
as I rage, today,
is just right,
if you're looking
at the river for life,
if you're talking
with the sky for time,
if you dare
to take your life
up to your eyes
and watch it live
you may also, watch it die

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