Saturday, October 23, 2010

mellow wish

dear god, if you exist,
I ask redemption,
let my end be blissful
my beginning, forgotten,
let all my labors, egos,
be mulch, my life, meaningless,
but for my love,
let it be all-consuming
inevitable, and true,
and consumed, and left alone,
let my heart never stand
still, in doubt
let me know,
in the deepest way possible
every human
who will make of me
a masterpiece, and leave
before I wake, and start crying
for more, let me be dead
before these tears
are louder than the heaven before
no matter how small,
give me the minute, when it
was perfect, is, will be
and I'll believe in you
I promise ...


  1. please read and criticise:

  2. This is such a beautiful poem. Like a pray. Very nice..congratulations for your talent!