Wednesday, October 06, 2010

strange kinda heaven

where there is so much laughter and no tears, no anger, no violent passions, or burning feet, its because, you're so amusing, always messing up, but never mind, she loves you, very much. all day long, all the time. and your favorite food is always empty, that place where your head likes to rest, always covered in junk, but she loves you, very much

if you shivered, froze, thats because honey, you don't love her enough, how can you be cold, in the warmth of endless love? and if you feel fear, whenever you tell her something you dearly wish, rest assured, its just your own guilt, she moves heaven and earth each minute for you, only you

when she turns away deaf, as you're talking, when she tells her friends you are someone no one cares about, but her, but her, when stars shine down upon your life, and ravens curse, upon her pristine wings,

when her veil of eternal sorrow cannot disguise the purity of her thoughts, and you are merely unwise beside, shoddy, awkward, rude and morose, her eyes shine with love and life, for you baby, just for you, wake up, wake up and smell the flowers and the smoke, paradise beckons in her smile, all you need is to open your eyes and believe


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