Tuesday, October 05, 2010

linger on

constant pieces of paper
fill my hands and crumple around me
some tears, some cold wet hands
I didn't see them come
I don't feel them leave
but when I turn around
they are real, white, more real
than you ever were
I exchanged them for you
and so, you are real
within an hour
its time again to clean
the wise man told me
to take the best part of you
make it mine
im trying, my corridors are long
my resistance a million ohm strong
with frequent demands and time
every reason I need
to never think of you again
I cannot, I keep
your memory, your corridors
so much deeper and darker
than mine, and you smiled
smiled, smiled
my mouth hurts
at the unsurpassed beauty
of life and death
the clear little bell of charm
yours, that didn't exist
its now mine
I can't say thank you yet

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