Saturday, August 27, 2011

Another year goes by

This one didnt really register in the parade of life passing my unseeing eyes, all that bling, such a waste on me, one flash and im blind for the evening. Its not a morale failure precisely, its a fierce concentration on a distant dream that changes every day, and changes back every night. Doesnt leave room for any external input. Pointless of course, but isnt everything?

I'm too old to be anything but decisive. these opinions are now direction, these vague hopes are commitment. The lines are getting darker, and colored in, they no longer run together or outside their boundaries.

As a means of progress, I finally understand, that our sane and sensible selves are incomparably lame. With the blessing and curse of seeing too much, faith never worked in suppressing this mundane evil.

I'll never be a fan of rules and boundaries, but now I come ready with a down payment in timemoney, when I want to breach either, getting away with it is no longer an option, its the morose realization that someone is going to pay, might as well be me.

My feet are more resolute, they walk only as far as they want with the road, they will always walk away from the worship of cashmoney or human edifices of blind hope.

I am a roamer, its what I do best. I no longer fight the path spotlighted for my life, it keeps me moving, and I can change it at will. At 32, im a sports shoe ad, so be it.

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