Wednesday, September 07, 2011

it was a dark and stormy night

mice blazed trails across mousepads, tweets buzzed and swarmed like a curse of locusts, "WTFs" were carried like torches on mobile screens, facebook updates arced across the burning sky, sound systems screamed with death metal, ipods vibrated with playlists of pure destruction, spam mails fell like torrential rain down garbage shutes

graphics cards inhaled memory like water in a desert, fraglimits were reached in record time, missions were completed without a morsel of food consumed, dragons fell whimpering to level 20 parties

multiple rounds of lethal opinions were fired at soldiers and innocent bystanders alike, governments toppled down narrow treacherous popularity polls, celebrities were revealed all the way to their exoskeletons, public images splatted like flies on a windshield

the nightmare child slept, with a half-closed eye


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