Wednesday, January 16, 2008


The fleeting touch of a fugitive smile,
Just a whisper of light
In the corner of the eye,
Like a golden feather brushing unwary skin.

The unfolding embrace of a growing grin,
Promising, foretelling, laughter within,
The tandem tango of hearts and minds,
Oblivious to this world of sin,
Regardless, revealing, reveling.

Careless, graceless, raceless, laughter,
An uncontrolled bursting fall of water,
Gurgling and washing, storming, disarming,
Drowning out defensive castles in the air

The secret humming of a soul on the edge
That sees the glorious vista, not the precipice
The feat of defeat without despair
Love, crazy love, is in the air

A rising crescendo of reckless lust,
Selfish, seeking, giving, taking,
Raging in the bloodstream,
Wicked, wanting,
A thousand instruments strung together,
Singing, chanting

The stifling crush of a breaking heart,
The numbing weight of screaming pain,
Crushing, crawling, witless, white
Then death of sense and sound,
From all around

The booming bass of overmastering rage,
Clawing bloody fingernails,
A seething volcanic red haze,
A promising glimpse of the end of days

The balmy scent of a peaceful mind,
Of forgotten places and forgiven slights,
For a while, undone of worldly bonds,At rest with the past, present and beyond.

Days go by and still I think of you
Days when I couldn't live my life without you

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