Wednesday, May 14, 2008

More about me

Well, I insist :D! Macadamia is responsible for this!

The rules say that you’ve to post five bits of information about you which you have never shared with your blog readers before. No "I plan..." or "I hope..." here - lets look at what has already happened.

1. I am very fussy about shoes – The ideal shoe must have the following qualifying criteria

a. It must be absolutely flat heeled (NO platform, plzkthx)
b. In winter, it must cover foot completely, in summer, it must have holes in front to let air in (poking winter shoe with holes is ok)
c. It must have a strap of some kind to secure it to the feet (like an airplane cargo hold)
d. It must be lightweight and comfortable, and have rubber soles so I can walk in absolute silence on any flooring
e. It must be black or brown. Design not a consideration.

2. When it comes to matters of the heart, I am very slow on the uptake.

“He’s looking at you”
“The guy over there”
“There are a billion guys over there” (Oh I exaggerate too)
“Only one fool enough to look at you!”
“Ah! I see the guy you mean”

And that’s that. You see, I have been at war with the gender for so long, I have no clue how to conduct peacetime negotiations. A friend once advised me that I would do well to tone down the scary, but hey, where’s the sport in that :D?

3. I can pick a subject, any subject, study it for two hours, and have an informed discussion with people who have worked on it for years, and fool them completely. In short, I am a mighty efficient word-weasel. But when it comes to subjects I really know my way around, I find it hard to talk about them with any degree of confidence. The curse of knowledge :(

4. My right foot has been run over by a car twice. Once an Ambassador, once a Santro. Didn’t feel a thing, both times

5. I used to read at the rate of five 400 page books a day. My first every book was Enid Blyton’s The Magic Faraway Tree at age 6.

I tag – all of you’ll who wanna play… Come join us…


  1. redo this tag..and do it again. will help me get more points about you. then write ur biography once ur famous. :P

  2. :P :P ... Thanks darling :D, I cant wait :(((( ...

  3. LOL!! Awesome one girl!!
    3 and 4 made me laugh out loud!
    And say, are you some kind of 'body builder? LOL!! Two cars!! Man!! And you didn't feel a thing???

  4. :D :D ...Oh i'm a body builder all right... just not the working way :D :D ... Dunno girl, i think cars aint so heavy, or sumfin... I myself was quite confounded... i mean i scream when i stub my toe and all :(( ...

  5. ..wot? only 5 things? c'mon! there's gotto be more in the closet, bring 'em on! :-)
    Also btw, when you visit me, remind me to run my bike *and* car over your - right foot was it? - i must check this out for myself!

    -Cruella Deville

  6. NOOOO not the closet... I mean ... urhmm ... Wot closet :D ?? Well u can certainly run me over darling ... If my foot breaks, I'll quit my job and laze around for a few months ... Dats worth a lil pain :D

    But most of all, when I do get dere, u r deffy gonna teach me to ride ur bike :) !!!

  7. Rofl you word weasel!!!

  8. word weasel :)))))))))))))))))))

    pregnant man!!!

  9. :D :D ... not mine wholly i must admit reluctantly ... i picked it up from Wikipedia... where some articles are dubious because they contain "weasel-words" -

    I read them articles, and figured, hey! dats how i talk all the time :D :D :D