Thursday, May 08, 2008


Human, worlds a cruel place
A magic mirage, a tandem race
A unique vital creature of space
A miracle, to guard, a spinning keepsake

Human, world's a little bleaker
Than our cradle of yesterday
Human, world is still the same
Just faster still, the merry-go-round
Further the still underground

Human there was an ugly face
An idol for sin, an evil parade,
That dealt in blood, scarred, defaced
To scare lil children, to mend their ways
But our evil is no single image
It flickers, it morphs eloquent every day

Human when you be a seeker
Of that which can never be found
After the shadows of the daily watch
Human see you both night and day
Under the veil, the ugly face,
Right and wrong, the right of way
Ain't one without the other, always

Still, Human, ask every minute of every day
Am I the solution, or am I the face
There's always time to learn and change
But Human, there's no time to waste


  1. Questions, questions question I got them all :) Don't tell me I am wasting time asking them...

    So...whats Popfil has to do with Humans ? ;))))))))))))))))))

    ~ Pregnant Man
    Ever lobing :D :D :D

    ps: good one, fever does that to you?! Be HOT babe :)) - ahahahahaha

  2. I had t read this a couple of times.. WHEW! Girl! You write the way I can never... even if I try :D

    Then, I realized that the last stanza was the key to understanding your verse. Awesomeness!!

  3. @Pregnant Man - Thanks gurl... I try :D ... Popfil... humans? U lost me dere :(( ...uh... I mean... It is a deep and meaningful relationship I will explain soon :D :D

    @Mackie - Don't me too shure darling... I read ur door thingy... But thank ye for thinking it :)!

  4. Guess who's been tagged, AGAIN!
    Lol! My partner in crime in responding to tags... better not let me down.