Friday, May 16, 2008


wild wonts on an iron will
still alive, still bleeding, still
a warcry for every windmill

shaking like a raindrop,
chanting for a sweepstake,
surging on a pain wave,

howling to the night sky
bars are in the mind's eye
blink, they rust, now I fly

hanging on a silk thread
down upon the endless
breaking out of bondage

climbing down a steep hill,
closer to the fountain,
away from the treadmill,

water on a weighbridge,
torsion for a temptress,
running all directions,

laughing like a madness,
peace without a fortress,
revelling in randomness,

my freedom is a love song,
fleeing in a rainstorm,
no sir, I will not conform

carried through by sunshine,
dreaming into starlight,
happy for a lifetime,


  1. Like "laughing like a madness,
    peace without a fortress," and the last stanza.

  2. you are a gifted word-smith if there ever was one.

  3. "my freedom is a love song,
    fleeing in a rainstorm,"

    Girl!! Thats the way I feel most times!! :(( Wanna sit and howl now :((

  4. Ah babe, cheer up, this was sposed to be a happy pome :( ...

  5. You've just been 'awarded' on my blog

    P.S. I'm cool now. Just been a sick week :D

  6. Ah see ... Well gud ur ok darling... I chked... Iz all choked up ... Thanks and then some :,( !!!!!