Sunday, October 03, 2010

dresden china

steel hands
nerve train fragile
deathless design
blue platelets
broken beautiful
my shaman of burning souls
my mood, surrender, hope
with a spritz
of the sea, a shock
of cold wind,
strong and sure
no rules, comments or chains
a spirit fey and fated
that walked unafraid with sin
played a tune
beyond mortal reach
and stilled a cry within
effortless lightning
delicate, precious and young
as I hammered at it
lost, alive and clear
as I searched underground
for power I didn't understand
until it crashed and burned
and I went stark blind
the skies did not talk
but the rain flood
poured and flayed
sunshine came tumbling
to loom and fade
and my wayward heart
and crazy will laughed
in delight, at power
and laid down arms, agreed
to believe in fate

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